ABACAD was founded in 2000 in Rivoli, a municipality of Turin metropolitan city.

Its head office is in Turin (Via Pio VII number 127) and it has a branch office in Modena, in Viale Buon Pastore number 236 and in Kragujevac (SERBIA) in Miloja Pavlovica 9.

ABACAD, certified ISO 9001 since 2003, specializes in the design for the automotive industry and offers a complete service, starting from preliminary sketches through to assistance during production startup and vehicle maintenance in production, including the modeling of class C, B, A surfaces, vehicle setting, feasibility checking, the study of ergonomics, component design and virtual testing (of the main requested performances results).

It is one of the founding companies of Torino Vehicle Engineering, a consortium with all the skills necessary for the design of a complete road vehicle.

It is affiliated with companies that can complete the offer in the fields of style manufacturing process development and rapid prototyping.