Personal data will be managed with automatic tools just for the time limited to the scope for which the data are delivered and the related information tools will be protected following the existing laws.

The accuracy and truthfulness of the personal data communicated to ABACAD are under the responsibility of who transmits them.
The subjects to whom the personal data refer, may in any moment exercise the rights guaranteed by the law; in particular the origin indication, the scope, the verification of the truthfulness and ask for modification/integration.
The law the right to cancel, to transform them in anonymous form, or the block in case of law violation, is also given.

ABACAD will have no obligation towards this material and will be free to reproduce it, to transform it, to show it without limitations and without any payment for its usage; for all this ABACAD will not be in any way considered liable, for instance, for violation of copyright or of protection of intellectual propriety.

These data gathered by ABACAD will be handled in written or in electronic form by our personnel and will be used to:
  • Execute your request for information
  • Mail of information or promotional material
  • Advertise or market of our products
  • Request for information related to activities entrusted to our team
  • Company statistical analyze